Supreme Court Coverage

Maui County and Hawaii Wildlife Fund face off over wastewater in the Supreme Court

Maui County wastewater gets Supreme Court treatment Wednesday

Supreme Court blocks census citizenship question

Split Supreme Court holds political lines are out of its jurisdiction

Argus Leader defends request for food stamp data in front of U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court to hear case involving a Sioux Falls newspaper

Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court

Murkowski explains opposition to Kavanaugh

Flowers for Murkowski: Alaskan women praise senator after "no" vote on Kavanaugh

Senator Heitkamp explains decision to vote "no" on Kavanaugh in one-on-one interview

Women from Alaska march in Washington, urge "no" vote on Kavanaugh

Maine educators lecture senators on Kavanaugh vote

Alaskans v Kavanaugh: Locals say subsistence rights, health care at stake in nomination battle

Texas Senators react to Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill

Senate Judiciary Committee members discuss fiery first day of Kavanaugh hearings

Senators discuss meetings with Kavanaugh ahead of confirmation hearing

Sen. John Thune finds 'even-handed umpire' in Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Starr reacts to Kavanaugh nomination

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