President to travel to Florida to see results of drug seizure 'surge'

RNC chair discusses President Trump’s upcoming New Hampshire rally

Celebrating trade deal, U.S., Mexican presidents meet for first time

Campaign and party leaders examine Louisiana's 2020 election role

Ohio congressman, physician argues coronavirus prognosis is good

Gov. Mike Parson meets with President Trump to discuss reopening of schools

Trump campaign responds to criticism following the president's Mount Rushmore remarks

Bipartisan throne could cost Collins her senate seat

HHS ups testing efforts for people under 35

Colorado to decide on Sen. Gardner's Democratic challenger

How President Trump could impact Colorado's third district primaries

Exclusive with Ivanka Trump: Federal hiring to focus on skills, not degrees

Majority Leader discusses policing, coronavirus, and rural hospitals

Perdue, Ossoff gear up for highly-competitive U.S. Senate race in Georgia

House votes to pass Democratic police reform bill Thursday

Sen. Warner, Daniel Gade discuss upcoming 2020 election battle

Maine lawmakers losing faith in Congress' ability to tackle police reform

South Dakota lawmakers discuss police reform legislation

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