World War II Veterans Get Free Trip to Memorial

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - 60 post World War II veterans traveled to Washington Tuesday to see the memorial made for their service. It’s called an Honor Flight. This free trip to Washington, D.C. is entering its 10th year in Michigan.

Jerome Walters was able to visit the memorial with his granddaughter, Emily, who is currently serving. She says she has been inspired by her grandfather’s service and believes we all have a duty to our country.

“I didn’t experience what he experienced but hearing his stories about they went through its just very emotional,” she said.

Many completed their service more than 50 years ago but can still remember very specific details.

Shirley May Abbott served all over the country and even worked in a psychiatric ward. She is one of the few women veterans on the trip.

“People aren’t as aware [of us] as they are the fellas,” she said.

Abbott wanted to take the trip after her husband, also a veteran, was able to travel last year. This is her first trip to Washington.

“It’s just unreal almost. It’s like you’re really here. I never thought about coming to D.C.”

Like, many, Abbott was never able to make the trip and likely wouldn’t have without the help of the honor flight.

Many members of Congress were there to greet the veterans as they arrived.

“It’s also an opportunity to remind Americans that we don’t experience these opportunities without sacrifice,” said Rep. Tim Walberg of Michigan.