Senator pushes to ban Confederate flag license plates

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Washington D.C. The Confederate flag is under fire ever since those deadly shootings in Charleston, South Carolina that killed 9 black people in a church just over a week ago.
Now some lawmakers on Capitol Hill don’t want any of your money going towards anything related to the Confederate flag.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D) of Ohio said the Confederate flag needs to go and so do Confederate flags on license plates. Brown says there should be no government money dedicated to Confederate flags people some people view the flag as representing slavery, and it should have retired years ago.

Brown’s bill would reduce federal transportation each fiscal year by 5-percent that a state-issued license plates displays the Confederate flag. Brown said we should just be united under one flag.

“You can buy a confederate flag if you want you can put a sticker on your car, you can put it in your home, or you can put it in your yard, but federal government, state government, local government there should not be any public dollars to the confederate flag, we are one nation, and one flag,” said Brown.

Brown said he will put this amendment into the highway bill which is expected to be voted on sometime within the next month.

The governors of Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and North Carolina announced that they would phase out its license plate bearing the confederate flag.