Government spends $125 Billion in Improper Payments to Deceased People

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WASHINGTON, D.C. The federal government has spent nearly $125 billion on improper payments to people who have passed away. Right now, 6.5 million people are receiving social security checks.

The Social Security Administration was founded in 1936. The first people who registered were born in the late 1800s. According to a group of congressmen and women, some of these people are still being paid.

“We’ve gotta get a handle on this. I don’t think the social security administration is doing enough to limit the damage,” said Senator Ron Johnson.

“It’s pretty safe to say most if not all of those people are not still alive and yet their numbers are still alive,” added Senator Dan Coats.

Some of these checks are still sent to family members but many are sent to people who have stolen the identities of the deceased. Make no mistake say the senators; both are considered fraud.

In addition to social security checks, funds from other agencies are being wasted on things like disaster relief checks or compensation to farmers through the Department of Agriculture.

If the Social Security Administration decides to reform it’s system, it will have to decide if it is their responsibility to notify other departments when someone dies or if those departments will have access to the social security database.