Traditional Marriage Supporters March for Marriage

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The Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday about whether same sex marriage should be legal across the country. While many say the tide is turning in favor of marriage equality, many say it should still be between one man and one woman.

Hundreds of people took to the steps of Capitol Hill to rally in support of traditional marriage. They say marriage is not a civil right and the government should not get involved.

“We’re being forced to condone their lifestyle,” says Steve Brusati of Virginia. He traveled in support of a friend who he says has been shut out from their community for supporting traditional marriage.

A small group of marriage equality supporters quietly stood in support of their cause.

“We’re not trying to take anything away from them, were trying to have them accept us,” the group spokesperson said.

Janet Murphy says people are taking the protests the wrong way. She says it is only considered discrimination because those people “haven’t heard the word of God.”

She, and many others at the rally, say they hope the Court leaves marriage decisions to the Church, and doesn’t make it part of American law.