Higgins Memorial Dedication Follow Up

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Washington, D.C. -- Congressman Fortenberry couldn't have been more excited to chat about his weekend in France.
I sat down with the Congressman before he left and as you saw in the story from Friday, he couldn't wait to get to the Utah Beach Museum for the dedication of the Higgins Memorial.
He says it was a beautiful day and the Ambassador to France was there, veterans and even a few people from Nebraska.
Fortenberry: "I couldn't be more proud of Nebraksa for dedicating this new Higgins Boat Memorial which sits right there in the breach in Utah Beach where our troops first stormed through where General Teddy Roosevelt the son of President Roosevelt started the war it sits there right there as an attraction to those who are visiting," said Fortenberry.
The Congressman said one woman in France was so impressed by the memorial that it made her want to visit Nebraska.
You can check out more photos from the Congressman's trip on our Facebook page- Gray Washington News Bureau.

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