EPA Report Shows Fracking Does Not Harm Drinking Water

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Washington D.C. Hydralic fracturing or “fracking” has been a controversial way for us to get oil and gas.

Opponents say this polutes our drinking water. However this week the Environmental Protection Agency released their findings saying fracking does not harm to your drinking water.

The report, conducted over a 4-year-period, finds that fracking does not pose a direct threat to drinking water supplies—and fracking activites have not led to widespread systemic impacts to drinking water resources.

Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke supports fracking—he says hes not at all surprised by the findings .

"I'm glad they did release it and they should set this argument to rest on fracking but this is part of the agenda of the minority that doesn’t like fossil fuels and they look for anything whether its truth or not to prevent america from being energy independent," said Zinke.

The report did point to “potential vulnerabilities” in the fracking process including several instances in which spills at drilling sites found their way into water supplies.

This is a blow to some in the anti-fracking camp—but they say there’s still other risks they see with the fracking process—inclduing the potential for earthquakes.