EPA redraws federal water pollution boundaries

The Trump administration rewrites a controversial rule, pulling federal pollution protections from streams, ditches, and wetlands across the country.

“I’ve been sick for a couple of months with respiratory infections and respiratory illnesses due to mold,” says military spouse Megan Konzen.

"We became exposed to mold," says SPC Rachel Kilpatrick.

Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment remains in limbo. The Constitutional amendment was sent to the states in 1972 that has yet to be ratified. Supporters of the amendment say they want to get rid of years of inequality.

Trump's ex-Hill chief returning as Pence's chief of staff

Sen. Sanders launches 2020 sequel to 2016 presidential run

Sen. Tim Kaine on continuing Virginia political scandals

Lawmakers weigh in on spending deal, border security plans

Parkland families, survivors still mobilizing movement one year after tragedy

Bernhardt receives mixed support from the Last Frontier as he awaits Senate confirmation

Rep. Abigail Spanberger aims to prevent future government shutdowns with Stop STUPIDITY Act

Gwich'in leaders travel from Alaska to D.C. opposing ANWR drilling plans

Sen. Isakson honors Augusta-Richmond County local dispatchers

Alabama Secretary Merrill testifies on election security as 2020 ramps up

Federal workers rally against another potential government shutdown

Kentucky senator wants to shut down future shutdowns

Ohio senator looks to to shut down future shutdowns

Head of FEMA resigning, questioned over use of vehicles

Senator John Thune (R-SD) discusses potential border security deal

Medical community, survivors still rebounding after Hurricane Michael

Congressional negotiators have a deal on paper, but President Trump ‘isn’t happy’

Lawmakers react to apparent budget, border wall compromise

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