Wyoming teacher, class teddy bear take field trip to D.C.

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Top teachers from across the country are on a field trip to Washington, D.C. Wyoming’s Valerie Bruce is one of them and her first grade class’ teddy bear, is along for the ride.

(Source: Valerie Bruce)

“[Roscoe the teddy bear has] been traveling around the city trying to show the kids where I’m at,” Bruce said, “expanding that world view for not just myself, but also my students.”

As the Wyoming’s ‘State Teacher of the Year’, she’s not just in D.C. for the experience or recognition. In a city packed with history and world-class museums at every turn, Bruce expects to learn the most from her fellow, top-notch peers. They’re all in-town for events surrounding the selection of a Virginia educator a the national ‘Teacher of the Year’.

“When you hear someone speak so eloquently, and so passionately about what they know best and what’s near and dear to their heart, you can’t help but think, ‘oh, I should be doing that too’, or ‘how do I do that?’,” said Bruce.

Even before coming to D.C., she picked up book recommendations from her fellow teachers of the year elsewhere in the country. Bruce will take what she learns here beyond her classroom and share it with fellow teachers across the state. “I never dreamed that I would have this opportunity to impact change on this scale,” she said.

Before she heads home though, she’ll be meeting with Wyoming’s lawmakers here in D.C.

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