Wyoming spellers move on with ease in National Spelling Bee

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NATIONAL HARBOR, MD (Gray DC) - Wyoming-area spellers are competing with the best in the annual National Spelling Bee. Aidan Veress is among more than 500 of our Nation’s best young spellers at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Aidan Veress is headed to the third round.

“It’s really cool to know I made it all the way here with the top spellers in the country,” said Veress.

Aidan says it’s a bit intimidating to be among such smart students. One of his competitors is Shiva Yeshlur from Rocks Springs. Shiva says the pressure and stress are a lot to handle, but totally worth it.

“I love like learning about other cultures and other languages and I think it’s really useful for the real world,” said Yeshlur.

Shiva’s worldly interests in the Bee differ from Wilson’s Beckett Lucas-Griffin. His motivation hits a little closer to home.

“I really like competition and my sister had done the Spelling Bee the year before and I always wanted to like beat my sister in things so I’ve kind of decided to do it ever since she did it,” said Lucas-Griffin.

All three of these spellers are through to the third round on Wednesday. The Bee continues throughout the week, the grand finale coming Thursday.