Wyoming Senate primary race in waning moments as outsider turns up heat on powerful Barrasso

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CHEYENNE, WY (Gray DC) - Senator John Barrasso is favored to win Tuesday’s primary election for his U.S. Senate seat, but an outsider is making waves.

Dave Dodson, a businessman and proudly new to politics says he is feeling momentum as they head into the big day Tuesday.

He is trying to play the role of David against the Goliath-like sitting Senator John Barrasso (R-WY).

“We have nothing to show for his decade of service,” said Dodson.

Dodson is not happy with Barrasso’s time in Washington. He says he is frustrated that the fourth most powerful Republican in the Senate has failed to accomplish repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act - the Obama-era health care law.

“He’s a doctor. I’m a businessperson. He’s a senator. I’m a newcomer. I’m the only person in this campaign that has a health care plan,” said Dodson.

Senator Barrasso has tried to push legislation that he says would give Americans a so-called escape route from Obamacare. Dodson’s larger point is that he wants to see more from Republican leadership and plans to hammer this point home in the final hours of this campaign.

“Voters are going to look around and say you know what, I want to get something out of my senator. I want to get some accomplishments done. We haven’t done that,” said Dodson.

Barrasso is citing his relationship with President Trump to show he is conservative and prioritizing the Cowboy state in Washington.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that I’m going to defend my record of fighting for the people of Wyoming,” said Barrasso.

Barrasso touts his NRA and pro-life records, and his help in passing a tax cut package in Congress late last year.

“Improving the lives of the people of Wyoming. Letting them keep more of their hard earned money. That’s what tax relief was all about,” said Barrasso.

Senate Republicans decided to axe their usual August recess this year but Barrasso says he will be back in Casper for primary night. Dodson says he will be in Cheyenne, having a watch party at Accomplice Brewing.

Wyoming Democrats are say they are carefully watching what happens on the GOP side of things going into primary day.

Executive Director of the Wyoming Democratic Party Dean Ferguson says the division amongst Republicans is great for his party as they stand united behind their Senate candidate Gary Trauner.

“(Trauner) is a superior candidate. He’s responding to the fact that Wyoming is tired of sending people back to Washington, D.C. who suddenly forget that they’re from Wyoming,” said Ferguson.