Women's March pushes forward in DC

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Now that a wave of women took office in Congress – and around the country – activists are descending on the nation’s capital this weekend for the next stage of their movement.

The third annual Women’s March took place in DC this Saturday. Crowds of marchers held signs – many protesting the President, and calling for more equality for women, the LGBT community and immigrants. One group came to Washington all the way from Hawaii.

Some participants say despite controversy leading up to this march, they’re still determined to push forward with their platform.

“This is the year we had to completely continue our resistance. We have turned the House. We have women in Congress,” said Linda Puppolo, from Hawaii. “And don’t let anybody interrupt our voice.”

In recent months, allegations swirled against some of the event’s founding members of ties to anti-Semitism, which were denied. There’s also been internal debate about whether the movement is inclusive enough.

Setting all that aside, thousands still came out to this year’s march in DC, and sister marches across the US, and the world.