Women take over Washington for third annual march

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Thousands hope to have their voices heard this weekend for the third annual Women’s March. Our DC Correspondent Alana Austin previews the big weekend, as the movement enters a new stage.

The world-wide event launched when President Donald Trump took office. Now halfway through his term, they hope to keep the movement going.

Activists kicking off the busy weekend with a lobby day on Capitol Hill. Groups were rallying for universal, government-run health care Friday through the halls of Congress.

Nancy Murray traveled from Brookfield, Vermont. She says she’s pleased by the wave of women elected to office since November.

“I think that finally it will be a women’s voice that will refuse to be subdued no matter how hard the male establishment would like to try,” said Murray.

For those attending this year’s march, they’ll have to step past recent headlines criticizing its leadership. The march faced controversy due to some founding members’ alleged links to anti-Semitism – which were denied. Plus a handful of cities canceled their sister marches over concerns it would be overwhelmingly white.

Despite, the recent challenges, a large crowd is expected to march through the nation’s capital Saturday. Sister marches will also take place around the country, and even in other cities internationally.

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