With the gun industry in the spotlight, study examines Kansas' dependence

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - The Sunflower State needs its guns. This according to a new study from WalletHub showing state dependency on the gun industry. With the industry facing backlash in the wake of deadly shootings, a Kansas gun shop owner says he’s confident the industry is alive and well.

Rob Hoke says he's confident in his politicians to keep his gun shop alive and well.

In the wake of the high school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead calls for more strict gun laws rang out across the nation. More regulation could impact the local Kansas gun industry...

“I don’t know if worry would be the right word for it but we’re paying close attention to it,” said Rob Hoke, owner of Rob’s Guntech and Firearms in Andover, KS.

He says if more regulations are imposed, it could hurt his sales. But, Hoke says Sunflower State leaders have his back.

“We are very confident in our politicians in Kansas,” said Hoke.

Wallethub shows Kansas as the eighth most dependent state on the gun industry. Analyst Jill Gonzalez says Kansas has some of the highest guns rights contributions and almost no contributions for gun control.

“Kansans should know that there’s a lot of money going into their state, or through their state, when it comes to guns,” said Gonzalez.

There is uncertainty about what, if anything, will happen to gun laws in the country. James Angel from Georgetown University says all eyes are on Congress.

“If all we do is enforce our current laws better, I don’t think it’ll have much impact,” said Angel.

There are no signs of strict laws on the horizon with a Republican majority in Washington. Angel says if there is a crackdown on firearms, the economy would go relatively unscathed.

“Even if you look at job losses in gun manufacturing or running gun shows, you’ll have the other economic impact, presumably, of fewer gun deaths and fewer needs to have high security responses,” said Angel.

Last month, Kansas state legislators rejected multiple gun control bills.