Wisconsin senator pushing for increased background checks for gun purchases

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- There’s a renewed push in Washington, D.C. to expand background checks for gun purchases.

Democratic senators want private sellers to conduct background checks before selling a firearm to another person.

Right now, licensed gun shops are required to conduct background checks.

In 2012, man opened fire in a Milwaukee-area spa, killing three people.

Baldwin said, “He got his gun through the internet, and no background check was conducted.”

Law enforcement we spoke with confirmed the shooter was court-ordered to not own a firearm but bought one from a private seller he found online.

The investigation found the private gun seller did not commit a crime since the seller was not legally required to ensure the buyer was allowed to own a gun.

Baldwin is one of 41 Senate democrats supporting a bill to expand background checks.

There are no Senate republicans backing the bill.

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