Wisconsin gubernatorial candidates spar over ad

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MILWAUKEE, WI (Gray DC) -- Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) and Wisconsin's public schools Superintendent Tony Evers are at odds over an ad released by the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

The claims Evers sided with a union in not revoking a teaching license from a teacher found to be viewing pornography at school.

At a Wednesday evening event in Waukesha County, Walker said, “I think it’s completely legitimate for the Republican Party of Wisconsin to be able to run an ad on the facts.”

Walker then said, “Tony Evers failed to do his job as Superintendent of Public Instruction to keep our students safe.”

Thursday morning in Milwaukee, Evers said in 2009 a loophole in state law prevented him from pulling that Dane County teacher’s license.

In 2011, he worked with lawmakers to close the loophole.

Evers said, “We changed the law and we use the law going forward.”

Evers did not apply the 2011 law change retroactively to the 2009 case, so the teacher was allowed to return to the classroom.

Walker accuses Evers of using a bureaucratic excuse, to which Evers responded, “To say that it’s a bureaucratic answer, it’s not. It’s the way we actually obey the law. That’s my job, I took a constitutional oath, I assume he [Walker] did too.”

The ad also claims the teacher made sexual comments to students.

The state’s Department of Public Instruction could not confirm that because a fellow teacher who brought that accusation did not swear to it under oath.

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