Wisconsin congressman says increase drug price abroad to lower prices in U.S.

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Do you think you're paying too much for your prescription drugs? You're not alone.

From lawmakers on Capitol Hill, to the White House, there are all sorts of plans to lower prices.

Congressman Sean Duffy [R-WI] says, “France has to pay more and Germany has to pay more so we can pay less.”

Duffy wants President Trump to pressure foreign countries to sell American drugs for more money.

A February report from the Trump administration shows the White House agrees foreign governments controlling price is a factor in Americans paying more.

It says, in part, "…[F]oreign governments are able to set drug prices below those that prevail in the United States and erode the returns to innovation manufacturers might otherwise see from selling in their markets…"

Georgetown University professor James Angel is not sold. He said, “I don’t believe that story.”

Angel says Duffy’s plan comes straight from American drug companies, which have spent years pushing government officials to help them make more money abroad.

Angel described the plan as, “Pure self-interest.”

He said instead, the government should tell drug companies what types of game-changing drugs they should develop, and reward them with a large payment if they succeed -- in order to make the drugs freely available.

Angel said, “We the consumers through insurance, the taxpayers through government plans, are paying for it anyways. So why don’t we pay for it all at once up front?”

President Trump is expected to deliver a speech on Friday to lay out a policy for lowering prescription drug prices for Americans.

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