Visiting the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s plaque at Lincoln Memorial

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Washington (GRAY DC) -- 50 years after Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, his message still echoes around the world.

In August 1963, King captured the attention of thousands of marchers on the National Mall, and millions more watching around the world.

While most know the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech, the official commemoration is practically a secret.

Halfway up the Lincoln Memorial steps lies a plaque, honoring that historic day when Dr. King gave one of the best-known speeches in American History.

Nancy Murray, a spokeswoman with the National Parks Service stood on the first tier of the Lincoln Memorial steps and said, “This is where Doctor King stood on August 28th, 1963 when he gave the I Have a Dream speech.”

Jackie and Isabel Grizzard traveled from Washington state to Washington D-C to connect with the historical moment on this 50th anniversary of King's assassination.

Isabel Grizzard said, “I was thinking that I actually was Martin Luther King looking out at the crowds and looking at the thousands and thousands of people out there.” While Jackie Grizzard said, “Just to know that he stood there, it just makes him even more human.”

Some do notice the plaque on their own, others only see the historical marker when a tour guide points it out. Evans says even though this marker may be small in size, the impact of King's speech was and remains monumental. The plaque’s placement on the Lincoln Memorial was approved by Congress in 2000.