Veterans from Eastern Iowa visit memorials in D.C.

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- In its last flight of 2018, Eastern Iowa Honor Flight brought 93 veterans to Washington, D.C.

Vietnam War ear veteran Don Pliester, who was among the veterans on the flight, said, “It’s just a great experience and words can’t express what it is. And I’m just tickled to death that I had a chance to come to it.”

Most of the veterans on the flight are from the Vietnam and Korean War era. One WWII veteran made the trip.

Richard Crawford, a Vietnam War veteran from Des Moines, said, “It’s really enjoyable. Like Ron and I never met before, but we share similar experiences, everybody on the flight, even though we never met.”

Crawford said treatment of veterans has improved since he returned from the war, but wants people to know more can be done.

Crawford said, “Military people are in a lot of cases looked down on by a lot of the public, they just think your part of the big machine and don’t understand what you’re doing.”

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