VA Democratic Governor Ralph Northam visits White House for infrastructure meeting

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Democratic Governor Ralph Northam came to the White House Monday to discuss roads, bridges and broadband access to Virginians.

Despite a difference in parties, infrastructure seems to be an area where the Governor might be able to find some common ground with the Trump administration.

During Monday’s meeting at the White House with state and local leaders, Northam asked the president to help Virginia dredge its sea port. The President said he would back up that project.

“Because I’ve been hearing about your port for many, many years. I’ve also heard it could be one of the great ports of the world," said Trump.

So far, the administration says it’s willing to spend $200 billion dollars on infrastructure projects around the country, hoping that leads to investments at the state and local levels and by private companies.

Northam was one of the few Democrats in the room today and during his campaign for Governor, he had sharp critiques for President Trump.

However, he did say beforehand he would be willing to work with the Trump administration on areas he thinks the federal government could help Virginians.

We reached out multiple times to the Governor’s office, but did not hear back on a request for an interview.

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