Upper Peninsula World War II veterans see Washington memorial for the first time

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Nearly 80 Upper Peninsula veterans were in Washington, strolling and rolling down the National Mall. Among them were two World War Two veterans, taken back in time as they toured the memorial built in their honor.

William Albrecht says the World War II memorial is an important reminder of sacrifice.

“(It) Just puts chills in my shoulders,” said Doug Moreau.

Moreau saw the World War Two memorial for the first time. He joined the Navy toward the end of the War, after graduating high school. Moreau answered the call as a young man, but never saw action.

“Although I didn’t do very much, I had...I at least had my heart in the right place,” said Moreau.

The memorial stands for Moreau and his brothers in arms. Stars line the walls representing the hundreds of thousands of Americans who gave their lives in the war. School children walk the grounds thanking those who sacrificed. Marquette’s William Albrecht joined the group from U.P. He says the memorial brings back vivid memories.

“That time was very real to me,” said Albrecht.

Albrecht also joined the War effort just as it ended. He says the memorial is a great reminder for visitors to pay their respects. Albrecht made it through the war unscathed, but he thinks about those who didn’t.

“It’s very important to remember our service people. They served for us. Unfortunately many died for us,” said Albrecht.

The Honor Flight was a quick one-day trip. The veterans return to Michigan Wednesday evening.