Tipton man being recognized for his community service in Washington

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - A Tipton man’s impact is felt in Washington this week. Brad Goetz represented Eastern Iowa at the National Jefferson Awards in our nation’s capital for his public service.

Brad Goetz says the Jefferson Awards highlight the good things going on in the country despite all the bad things seen in the headlines.

“It’s been pretty impactful. Hearing all the stories of all the people that are here, what they’re doing around the country, it means a lot,” said Goetz.

Goetz says being in Washington for the awards shows the best of our country.

“It kind of gives you a good feeling that there’s still good things happening around the country. You hear all the bad stuff in the news, but here it’s focused on the good things that are happening,” said Goetz.

Good things like the commitment Goetz shows to Tipton. His work behind the scenes at high school shows, to his work at Family Foods show Goetz is serving his community constantly.

“You can’t quite comprehend right away what the impact of this is, what the meaning of all this is. You listen to all the other stuff and you think, ‘How am I really here?’” said Goetz.

He is here because bettering his hometown drives him. Goetz and those honored at the awards are sending an important message of goodwill.

“Find something that needs done and go do it. Don’t think about it, just get out there and go do it. There (are) things to do everywhere,” said Goetz.