Texas lawmakers react to Ross Perot's passing

WASHINGTON (GrayDC) Congressman Louie Gohmert first met Ross Perot when he was in college.
The Texas billionaire, entrepreneur and politician, while he was speaking at Texas A&M.

Rep. Louie Gohmert discussed Ross Perot's legacy at the Cannon Rotunda on Tuesday (Source: GrayDC)

"He was such a brilliant guy, such a great entrepreneur as you hear that he converted that into millions and millions of dollars," said Gohmert.

Gohmert reflected on the life of Ross Perot. Perot died Tuesday at 89-years-old from leukemia.

"He was such a patriot though. He loved this country," said the Congressman.

Gohmert said there has not been as successful a third party presidential candidate since Perot ran for office.

"There's no question he affected the election. He kept George H.W. Bush from being re-elected, so unfortunately that ushered in Bill Clinton," he said.

Gohmert said Perot's family continues to grow his heritage.

Senator John Cornyn said Perot started with humble means and embodied the American dream.

Cornyn also agreed Perot made an impact in the 1992 election.

"Brought an outsider's voice to that political contest that we're still hearing today with President Trump, a business man, not a professional politician," said Cornyn.

The Senator said Perot's family continues to make a difference in Texas and across the nation.

"He really made a mark," said Cornyn, regarding Perot's legacy.

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