Texas Republican lawmakers are retiring in droves

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- 2020 may not be here yet, but a record number of Republican House lawmakers have announced they are retiring from office next year.

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) and Mac Thornberry (R-TX) are just three of six lawmakers who announced they will retire from Congress after this term. (Source: GrayDC)

“It was hard. I love the job, I still love the job,” said Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX).

Texas Republican Representative Mike Conaway served Texans for more than 15 years. He is now hanging up his hat after this term, and he’s not the only one in the Republican party.

Texas’ Congressmen Will Hurd (R-TX) and Mac Thornberry (R-TX) are leaving too.

“I’m excited about my time in Congress. I can honestly say that I’ve helped make the country a safer place,” said Rep. Hurd.

“I never expected it to go this long but this seemed like a good decision point,” said Rep. Thornberry.

Representatives Bill Flores, Kenny Marchant and Pete Olson are also retiring.

With more than a quarter of all House Republicans in the Lone Star State retiring, people are wondering what is going on behind the scenes. Conaway says there’s not just one reason.

“Each one of the folks who made the decision is a separate and distinct rationale as to why they’re not running,” said Rep. Conaway.

So what’s causing the exodus?

George Washington University Professor Gary Nordlinger says these lawmakers are tired of being outnumbered by the Democrats.

“With 2 or 3 of those Texas races, they’re sitting there saying man, we’re not gonna be back in the majority next year, so this is not a fun job and B, I’m gonna have a tough election and I’m gonna have to raise millions of dollars,” said Nordlinger.

Nordlinger also said these retirements are a sign of the times in the Lone Star State.

“It’s going to become an increasingly competitive state,” said Nordlinger.

The Republican National Committee’s Spokesperson Liz Harrington says she’s not concerned about the Democrats’ taking over the state in 2020.

“We have record job growth, record low unemployment in this state. You look at policies that are working for Texas. We have a great message to run on,” said Harrington.

Harrington says the she is confident the House Republicans will gain back the majority in November.

These Texas lawmakers will remain in office until the beginning of January 2021.Copyright 2019 Gray DC. All rights reserved.

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