Texas Congressman continues fight to cut government spending

WASHINGTON (GrayDC) Texas Republican Congressman Kevin Brady continued his decade-long mission to cut out-of-control government spending.

Texas Republican Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) continues his fight to curb government spending in a press conference outside the House on Wednesday morning (Source: GrayDC).

Some lawmakers say government spending is out of control and the country cannot keep borrowing money. That is why Congressman Brady reintroduced the MAP Act, Maximizing America’s Prosperity.

The Congressman is proposing lawmakers set aside one percent of the budget for emergency spending, like disaster relief.

If the Act becomes law, the MAP Act would lower spending caps, saving the country about two trillion dollars over a decade, according to the congressman’s office.

“I think most Americans are worried about America’s debt. The truth is, we have a huge spending problem. Our revenues are the highest in history, but Congress keeps spending more than it’s taking in…it isn’t a crash diet, it’s more like take off pounds sensibly," said the Congressman.

Indiana’s Senator Mike Braun introduced companion legislation in the Senate. The legislation comes just days before the House and Senate lawmakers go on a month-long recess.

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