Texas A&M Teams Greeted at White House

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Two teams from Texas A&M are getting the chance to visit the White House today.

President Trump hosted them, and congratulated them on their NCAA Championships over the past year.

The Aggies were front and center at the White House Friday. The men's track and field and women's equestrian teams received praise from President Trump.

“It’s a real privilege to be here today," said Pat Henry, Texas A&M men's track & field head coach.

The ladies became the first equestrian national champions to be recognized at the White House, marking strides forward for this sport. After a lot of hard work in the last season, track and field Head Coach Pat Henry says these athletes certainly earned this Presidential praise.

“It’s a unique opportunity just to get to come here and for these young men, this is really a special time and maybe it’s something that you’d never ever get to do the rest of your life," said Henry.

The President took a few moments to congratulate every team here, make a few jokes and also take some pictures with these winners.

Henry, who earned his ninth national title coaching with the Aggies this past year, says this visit brought about a first for him.

“President allowed us to go into the Oval Office today and I’ve had the opportunity to be here a few times. He’s the first President to allow us to do that," said Henry.

“I’m very blessed to be a part of the A&M track and field team. At the end of the day, last season was definitely wonderful but we’re all looking for the stuff in the future," said star senior athlete Mylik Kerley.

18 teams attended today's event at the White House. Noticeably absent, the South Carolina’s women’s basketball team declined the invitation.

The North Carolina men's basketball team said they could not attend due to various scheduling issues. The White House and UNC officials said months back that after several attempts to find a date that worked for both sides, they could not reach one that worked.

The teams brought some presents for the White House as well.
The Texas A&M equestrian team brought a pair of boots and the men's track and field team brought jackets.

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