Texans could cash in on new trade deal, supporters say

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Texans could be cashing in on the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. Supporters of the agreement say it will open new doors for farmers and workers. Our Washington Correspondent Alana Austin reports on what’s next.

Texas Senator John Cornyn says many Americans are breathing a sigh of relief this week. After months of negotiations, top trading partners have agreed to throw out an old agreement and replace it with a new one.

The U.S. Mexico and Canada are rolling out a trade deal this week, with President Donald Trump declaring it a win for American poultry, egg, wheat and dairy producers. The President hopes this expands access to various markets, while enhancing protections for U.S. auto workers. For years, Trump argued the North American Free Trade Agreement - or NAFTA - was a bad deal and that he could negotiate a better one.

“I think again it validates President Trump’s strategy," said Sonny Perdue, U.S. Agriculture Secretary.

Perdue says after months of intense discussions, and rounds of tariffs, the administration’s approach is working. Cornyn says the Lone Star state’s agricultural and energy industries will likely benefit from these new terms.

“This is important not only to border states like ours, this is important to the entire country," said Cornyn during a floor speech Tuesday in the Senate.

Many lawmakers say they want a closer look at the fine print. Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi says in a statement, “any trade agreement proposal must be judged by whether it improves the wages, working conditions, and well-being of America’s workers and farmers.”

This re-negotiated NAFTA needs Congressional approval. It’s likely the deal does not see a vote until early next year.

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