TEAM COVERAGE: Election night party plans

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NEW YORK (Gray DC) -- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have big nights planned in New York City to cap off their long campaigns.

Clinton is going to end the night under the glass ceiling at the Javits Center. The space is 185 feet high. It can fit the Statue of Liberty without her base!

The venue is a crystal palace. The stage is shaped like the American flag topped with an enormous video screen.

Media risers are packed full, but the Gray Television Washington News Bureau is front and center working alongside hundreds of other journalists from around the world.

Security is tight for blocks around the venue.

Some Clinton supporters waited in very long lines to get tickets to the event. The campaign team says they’re ready for a win.

Meanwhile, a much different venue for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Their supporters are gathering at the New York Hilton Midtown, just a few block from Trump Tower -- Trump’s residence and office building.

The campaign is renting out the Grand Ballroom. It's billed as New York City's largest — 24,000 sq. ft. It can accommodate 3,000 people.

A lot of those people are going to be members of the media. The rest of the folks attending are friends and supporters of the campaign. It’s invitation-only.

Security is tight around around the Hilton. The only difference is 6th Avenue is a much busier thoroughfare. But, New Yorkers are used to things like this. And there’s a lot of excitement about both nominees holding their election night parties in their city.

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