Sunshine State candidates target central Florida voters in heated Nov. elections

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- It’s the key swing region of the country’s biggest swing state. When political pundits talk about Florida's Interstate 4, it has nothing to do with roads and everything to do with votes.

“The I-4 corridor is the most important region of the state," said Aubrey Jewett, UCF political science professor.

University of Central Florida professor Aubrey Jewett says political campaigns are particularly interested in the stretch running from Tampa through Orlando and on to Daytona Beach.

That pocket of central Florida holds the largest concentration of registered voters.

“Our last four elections involving either president or governor, they’ve all been decided by just one percentage point or about one percentage point,” said Jewett.

While North Florida favors Republicans, and Southern Florida leans Democratic, the central part of the state is up for grabs. It’s no coincidence democrats held a unity rally after the primaries in Orlando, and gubernatorial candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum returned there this weekend with his new running mate.

Vice President Mike Pence, gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis and Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott all made campaign pit stops in Orlando last week.

Monday morning, DeSantis announced he would be resigning from Congress as he focuses on the busy campaign season ahead. It’s a safe bet he’ll spend much of that extra-time along I-4.

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