Stacey Abrams wages new political war after heated GA Governor's race

Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 4:19 PM EST
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The Georgia Governor’s race may be over, but the legal war over the state’s voting system is just starting up. Our Washington Correspondent Alana Austin reports on how Democrats are sounding off about voter issues.

Democrat Stacey Abrams may have ended her bid to be Georgia’s Governor but now she’s tallying up the ways she thinks the system came up short.

Abrams is firing back at her political opponent, Republican Governor-elect Brian Kemp. She argues under his watch as Georgia’s Secretary of State, voters had to wait in long lines, many inactive Peach State voters were purged from voter rolls, and signature match laws negatively impacted black voters.

Danielle Root at the Center for American Progress - a left-leaning think tank - agrees with those concerns.

“These are kind of classic things we see every election in Georgia - it doesn’t appear there have been any attempts in the last couple years or so to remedy these problems," said Root.

But Kemp - who won by about 55,000 votes - says these critiques are simply sour grapes over losing an election.

Jason Snead of the conservative-leaning think tank, the Heritage Foundation, says the laws on the books in Georgia are about keeping voter rolls accurate and protecting election integrity.

“I think many of the concerns and criticisms were overblown to say the least," said Snead.

Snead says criticism over long lines at polling places should be resolved at the local and state levels. He also points out that voter participation in Georgia was very high, especially for African American voters.

Kemp says even though Abrams may pursue this legal challenge, he’s moving forward as Georgia’s next Governor. He’s set to take office in January.

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