South Dakota philanthropist donates $100 million for adolescent relationship building

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - A South Dakota businessman and philanthropist is spreading the love once again. T. Denny Sanford announced a massive donation to the National University System Tuesday, a non-profit with a focus on education and philanthropy.

It is a donation to the tune of $100 million aiming to spread one of Sanford’s pet initiatives, Sanford Harmony. The program, for ages K through 6 focuses on social emotional learning, looking to cut down on bullying in schools. Sanford thought of the program when he noticed an increasing divorce rate. He hopes his program will help foster better relationships across the country. The money will go toward expanding this program, giving free access to school districts and students. Right now he says 1.5 million students have access in all 50 states. Sanford hopes this skyrockets that number to 30 million students. He wants schools in his home state to lead the way.

“South Dakota, because of my belonging there, is my number one target. I want it in every school, both the public schools, the parochial schools and the like,” said Sanford.

South Dakota was one of the first areas where the program was implemented. National University says the program impacts over 15,000 kids in the state in 184 schools.