South Dakota-based healthcare provider to offer genetic testing for veterans

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Sanford Health wants to help veterans nationwide by providing free genetic testing.

Tuesday, the non-profit company also announced that same test will be available immediately to some veterans living in the Dakotas and Minnesota.

The Veterans Affairs department announced it will test 250,000 cancer survivors veterans by 2022 with Sanford Health.

The goal is to find potential bad reactions to certain medicines before VA doctors prescribe them to their patients.

This pilot program will start at the VA in Durham, North Carolina with the intention of it being expanded.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie said, “Ultimately we can use what we will learn from this research to best treat all veterans, nine and a half million of them, who receive their care from VA.”

While the company is partnering with the VA to potentially help veterans nationwide, veterans who live in the Dakotas and Minnesota, where Sanford Health is based, can have these tests done now -- for free through their Sanford doctor.

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