Sioux Falls 'Wounded Warrior' rides to the White House for special ceremony

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - A Sioux Falls veteran was honored at the White House Thursday. As part of the Wounded Warrior Project, veterans from across the country took the stage with President Donald Trump. Sioux Falls’ Adam Long was among those honored. Long was active duty Navy for 12 years and worked as a firefighter. He crushed his leg in a training accident.

Adam Long says the Wounded Warrior Project helped him move forward from his injury.

“From that point forward I had to figure out what life was going to be,” said Long.

The Wounded Warrior Project helped him pick up the pieces. The organization helps injured veterans with various physical and mental health programs. Their “Soldier Ride”, a four-day cycling experience, brought Long and company to the White House.

“They’ve helped me do a lot of different activities and let me experience things to help me understand what I can do again,” said Long.

President Trump stressed his commitment to veterans as he spoke to a packed room.

“Your devotion, your endurance and your unbreakable will are all an inspiration to every single American,” said President Trump.

The president praised Wounded Warrior Project CEO Mike Linnington. Linnington says his non-profit organization is crucial for helping veterans when the government cannot.

“It’s the responsibility of communities, of non-profit organizations like ours and many other non-profits across the country to be there when our veterans come home,” said Linnington.

The Wounded Warriors are not done with their journey yet. They say they have another 13-mile ride on Friday, before heading home on Saturday.

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