Social butterfly: Rep. Burchett keeps constituents connected with his Twitter fingers

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A Tennessee congressman is trying to keep a close connection to the people who elected him, but being in Washington a majority of the time, he is forced to take to the web.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) says his social media wouldn't be as effective if he had professionals running it. (Source: Gray DC)

If you see Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) on Capitol Hill, there is a good chance he has his head down, looking into his phone, speaking to the camera. Burchett says he wants people back home to know the real story of Capitol Hill.

“It’s just me and it’s my thoughts and it’s not edited,” said Burchett.

It is Burchett’s take on how things happen on the Hill. It is his perspective alone, always one-sided, but he says he is trying to let people know how things go down, and why. A Capitol Hill 101 of sorts.

“They don’t see the inner workings of what’s going on and that’s sort of what I’ve been focusing on,” said Burchett.

He says he likes to roll the camera as soon as he gets off the House floor, because, more often than not, he says he is upset and does not want to lose his edge when relaying a message.

“If I had a professional person doing it they would probably recommend against most of the stuff I do,” said Burchett.

Most of his activity is on his personal account, but the content usually centers around work. But sometimes, his account with over 30 thousand followers has a different bite to it, like when he was home in his district, seemingly saving a snapping turtle from becoming roadkill. The guy who touts himself as your average Tennessean all of a sudden turns into a social media savant.

“I said lord thank you, because that’s Twitter gold man. I knew that would hit big,” said Burchett.

Snapping turtles or budget fights, Burchett always remembers to sign off the same way.

“Thank y’all for sending me here.”