"Sioux Falls" comes to Washington with a message

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Over 1,000 miles from the actual Sioux Falls. This live production is bringing a controversial issue to life.

“I chose South Dakota because I was doing research the play is about three different women who are seeking abortions for very different reasons and I was interested in exploring some of the restrictions that had been passed at the state level," Megan Dominy, Playwright, “Sioux Falls” said.

Sioux Falls is the only place in South Dakota you can seek an abortion. Playwright Megan Dominy chose it as the setting for her production and the storylines came to life.

The play follows three women, two who want an abortion, one who doesn’t.
They all journey to the same clinic in Sioux Falls for the procedure and then their paths cross. Dominy has never been to the South Dakota, but said it didn’t affect getting her message across.

“I feel like geography doesn’t change humanity I feel like people are people wherever you go and they have stories and they have hearts and that doesn’t change," she added.

The play only lightly touched on the politics of the issue and mostly focused on the women’s stories. Anti-abortion groups say the play neglects the stories of unborn children.

“It ignores the long term consequences of that decision it’s a lifelong life changing decision," Karen Cross, Political Director with the National Right to Life Committee said.

The National Right to Life Committee, the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization working to make abortion illegal nation wide. Cross strongly believes in giving in unborn child a voice.

“What’s in the play happens every day in this country about 3,000 times a day there have been 59 million abortions since 1973," she added.

While the women have different views, Cross says she is willing to see the play. Dominey says she would be welcome.

The play runs through June 11 in Washington D.C. While the playwright said the production doesn’t have plans to travel anywhere else, she would love to see it run in Sioux Falls.

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