Sioux Falls 11-year old honored for volunteering efforts

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - A Sioux Falls 11-year old is in Washington D.C. being recognized for her philanthropic efforts. Bria Neff is a home-schooled fifth grader from Sioux Falls. She is being honored for her efforts to create a better future for endangered species.

Bria Neff says she hopes her efforts eventually make the world a better place.

“A species goes extinct everyday that we don’t know about and I wanted to help save them,” said Neff.

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honors youth volunteers from each state, grades five through 12, for service to community. Neff has spent more than 500 hours over the last three years fighting for animals through her art. Her brush strokes have raised over $14,000, which she donates to organizations that are working to paint a brighter future for these species.

“I first research some, then look up pictures, and I write about them. Then I draw them and paint them,” said Neff.

There is no doubt this Neff is a different breed. She has already crafted two coloring books. Her next plan is to publish a children’s book.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. Start with something small, do something you love, and you can make a difference,” said Neff.

As this event comes to a close, Bria’s drive for philanthropy carries on. She says in addition to the children’s book, her next goal is to reach $20,000 raised for endangered species.