Thune: Country has lost 'one of most consequential figures of last half-century'

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Capitol Hill is honoring a longtime public servant and war hero this week. The passing of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is being felt across the nation, especially among his colleagues. For Senator John Thune (R-SD), he says it’s personal.

Thune calls the late Senator McCain "one of the most consequential figures of the last half-century." He says he has traveled around the world with McCain and one thing that sticks out to him is the respect given by troops and foreign leaders.

He says McCain’s words carried weight. Thune says that was true on Capitol Hill as well. Despite not always seeing eye-to-eye with the senator from Arizona, Thune says he earned his “maverick” label, as someone who was willing to stick up for his beliefs no matter the political cost.

“Those are qualities that, in this day-in-age are really looked down on, but they are the way you get things done and I think he was, because of that, he built respect on both sides and from people all across this country,” said Thune.

Senator McCain will lie in state inside the U.S. Capitol Friday. There will be a private burial service in Annapolis, Maryland on Sunday.

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