Senator Sherrod Brown vying for NCAA Championships taken away from North Carolina

Senator Brown (D-OH) says his home state is well equipped to handle the events taken from North Carolina.
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - The NCAA is avoiding North Carolina. Because of the state’s HB2 bathroom law, the organization is taking its business elsewhere. That’s the law that prohibits transgender people from using bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity.

"I think the NCAA showed its colors in a good way," said Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

The NCAA is moving seven championship events out of North Carolina this academic year, including two rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament. The organization says the state’s HB2 bathroom law is discriminatory against the LGBT community. Brown is swooping in and says his state will gladly take those games.

"Toledo, Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus. We know how to do these things," said Brown. "It will be good for our state. It will bring business in, we’ll see a few jobs created by this."

Brown called the NCAA expressing his state’s readiness to step up to the plate.

"It will be kind of a badge of honor whether you live in Marietta, or whether you live in Gallipolis or Toledo, that our state is welcoming and embracing people who might think a little differently and look a little differently, and that’s the greatness of our country," said Brown.

While some states will gain from this decision, there is no question North Carolina will suffer a massive loss. The state has been losing business right and left because of the HB2 law, between concert tours, NBA All-Star games, and now these NCAA events.

"I was disappointed for our state and the economics of our state when they made that decision," said Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC).

Jones says if his state keeps losing business, something has to change.

"I think it will lead to conversation, absolutely," said Jones. "I think the legislature and the city of Charlotte are going to have to sit down and see if there’s a resolution."

The NCAA has not yet announced where the events will move to. Brown remains optimistic the Buckeye State has a shot.