Senator Roberts says he has lost a political friend and sparring partner in McCain

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Senator Pat Roberts says the Senate lost a man who was the personification of integrity. He says it lost its maverick.

Roberts says McCain’s push for bipartisanship over the years is a great lesson he left behind on Capitol Hill. Roberts says he would spar with McCain on certain issues, particularly on military affairs, and compared the Arizona Senator to a spring storm, with flashes of lightning, dark clouds, but a sunny aftermath. Roberts says the way he will forever remember McCain is as a national hero.

“He felt very strongly about issues and he fought for what he believed in. I think that’s pretty fundamental to representing the folks in Arizona or for that matter the folks in Kansas,” said Roberts.

Senator McCain will lie in state here inside the Capitol Friday. There will be a private burial service in Annapolis, Maryland on Sunday.