Sen. Rick Scott wants to restructure training program after NAS Pensacola shooting

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC)-- After the Justice Department released the findings of the investigation into the shooting at NAS Pensacola, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) believes the program needs a "reset."

Sen. Rick Scott speaks to Gray DC about the investigation into the shooting at NAS Pensacola. (Source: Gray DC)

"We really need to look at this program fresh," Scott said.

The U.S sent nearly two dozen Saudi military trainees back home following the results of the investigation. Sen. Scott said he believes the screening process of foreign students should be improved.

"We clearly must not have done the vetting right," Scott said. "How's our vetting process work, and how's it going to work with families when they send their families over? Are we going to vet families back in Saudi Arabia? Are we going to be able to follow their social media when they're here? There's a lot of unanswered questions."

Sen. Scott emphasized that Saudi Arabia is a strong U.S. ally, which is why the U.S should be sure the program works for both countries. As next steps are taken, he said the federal government should continue to be transparent about the situation. He also expressed disappointment that Apple was not aiding the government in granting access to the phones of individuals involved.

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