Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) discusses impeachment and Gov. DeSantis' budget proposal

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC)-- Sen. Rick Scott shared his thoughts on the ongoing public impeachment hearings Tuesday.

Sen. Rick Scott discusses impeachment and Florida's 2020 proposed budget from Gov. DeSantis. (Source: Gray DC)

This week is the second week of hearings that the public is able to watch. Tuesday's hearings include testimony from Lt. Col. Vinkman of the National Security Council and Jennifer Williams from Vice President Pence's staff.

Sen. Scott, like many of his Republican colleagues in Congress, said the hearings were continuing to be "partisan."

"To me, this looks like an Adam Schiff three-ring circus," Scott said. "Both sides should be able to call witnesses and ask questions."

Sen. Scott also spoke positively about Gov. Ron DeSantis' 2020 budget proposal. His successor proposed an increase of over $1 billion towards education, which would give pay raises to more than 101,000 teachers. Sen. Scott said the governor's new budget aligns with what he focused on during his time as governor.

"The key is going to be continuing to get the economy to grow in Florida," Scott said. "And investing the money where Floridians want them to invest it."
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