Sen. McCaskill is part of "Pink Wave" for general election in November

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -- Some are calling it a ‘pink wave’. Women are running for office in record numbers, and in many cases, they’re winning.

Missouri’s Senator Claire McCaskill is part of a record-breaking 185 women nominated for Congress. She’s seeking her third term in the U.S. Senate this year. Now while her gender may not be a large focus of her campaign, one political scientist says she has some things in common with other women running for office.

Georgetown Professor Michele Swers, a political scientist, says many are Democrats inspired by the "Me Too" movement and Hillary Clinton’s bid to be the first woman President.

“Most of the women that are running are running as Democrats, and they’re doing very well,” said Schwers.

Swers says Missouri’s Senator Claire McCaskill (D) is in a unique position.

"She has a tough, tough race on her hands. In terms of gender, she has to walk a fine line,” said Swers.

A new McCaskill political ad mentions her rise as a female leader and her role as a mother and grandmother. Swers says it's a more nuanced style than her Democratic sisters in more liberal states.

“In Missouri, where it’s a much more Republican-leaning state, those issues won’t win you as many voters," said Schwers.

But there’s one issue that seems to be of universal interest to women running for office this year, according to Swers.

“Here’s some of the things that unite us that I want all of us to talk about for the next 13 weeks: let’s start with health care,"said Sen. McCaskill.

The highest-ranking Republican woman in Congress, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, says there’s excitement too this year from the sisterhood of the GOP.

“I’m encouraged to see more women running for Congress," said Rep. Rodgers. "Women are problem-solvers, we’re seen as being trustworthy. Those are qualities that people are looking for.”

Many polls show it could be a tight race between McCaskill and her Republican opponent, Josh Hawley, this November. The general election is November 6th.

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