Sen. Martha McSally supports recent U.S./Mexico immigration agreement

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) called the recent agreement between the U.S. and Mexico a "breakthrough".

Sen. McSally said she is feeling positive about the recent agreement between the U.S. and Mexico. (Source: Gray DC)

McSally said she had lunch with Vice President Mike Pence, where he shared details of the agreement. Among the provisions of the deal, Mexico will send 6,000 of their National Guardsmen to their southern border to an area about 150 miles across. Sen. McSally called this plan a "significant change" for the country.

“I feel this agreement is a good one—now it needs to be implemented," said McSally, in an interview on Tuesday.

McSally said the next step is for Congress to pass her legislation to strengthen border security.

She is also pushing for Congress to approve supplemental funding for Homeland Security.

"We need to be able to provide this to Homeland Security because they’re being overwhelmed. If we don’t provide them the supplemental funding, they’re going to have to take it from somewhere else," said McSally.

McSally said she is hoping Democrats will come to the table with Republicans to pass immigration reform on Capitol Hill.

Listen to the full interview above.

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