Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) weighs in on Russia probe, Michael Cohen testimony

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Virginia Senator Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence committee, says the bipartisan work on the panel continues to explore alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

Warner says, based on the investigations of the committee, he believes the President has been caught in multiple lies, but he is not reaching any final judgment about “collusion” claims until after the investigation is complete.

Warner also weighs in on the Michael Cohen testimony on Capitol Hill and makes points about some recent claims made by the President’s former attorney, a caveat being he lied before Congress previously.

Senator Warner says President Trump knew about Wikileaks dumps damaging to Hillary Clinton days before it happened, plus he talks about Trump’s potential conflict of interest in business dealings with Russians leading up to the 2016 presidential election night.

President Trump has said the probes against him, such as the independent counsel investigation run by Robert Mueller, is a “witch hunt” and that the claims are unsubstantiated. He has also tried to discredit Cohen, his former attorney, as dishonest.

Republican Senator Richard Burr, who co-leads the Intelligence committee, says to date he’s seen no information to back up Russian collusion claims.

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