Same-Sex Marriage Plaintiffs "Nervous" Before SCOTUS Hearing

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Washington D.C. On the eve before a historic same-sex marriage U.S. Supreme Court hearing, supporters rallied for the Michigan couple involved in the case April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse.

"We’re anxious to get there we’re nervous," said Jayne Rowse.

Those are just of the feelings the couple are experiencing just hours before walking up the steps of the Supreme Court and pleading their case for marriage equality.

"I think once we walk in we’ll be intimidated," said Rowse.

The couple didn't arrive to Washington D.C. alone though, dozens of supporters came making signs Monday night.

Michigan is one of four states to be heard in front of the 9 justices arguing for marriage equality. Something April and Jayne don’t take lightly.

"It'’s a little bit of a weight carried on us but we’re taking all their support us to the Supreme Court and hopefully we’ll make a difference," said April DeBoer.

They know Tuesday morning there will be protesters arguing marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

"Just gonna keep on walking and do our best and do what we’ve done all along and keep our heads held high and keep fighting for our marriage equality," said DeBoer.

The Supreme Court hears this case Tuesday morning. A ruling isn’t expected until late June or early July.