Saginaw student takes on spelling bee

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- 11-year-old Alex Christian takes the stage at his very first National Spelling Bee competition. A place just a month ago, he never expected he would be.

“When I got that news, I was just in awe I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t screaming and all of that stuff I was just like wow, wow. I was just amazed at the point," Christian said.

For the White Pine Middle School student after the excitement, it was right to the books, as Alex put his unique study pattern to work.

“I always write down the definitions of new lists that I got a list for. I got a list for round two spelling and I did all the definitions for those and the parts of speech and the origin and I kind of prepared myself for that and I study those too," he added.

His method proved to work on his first day at the bee and taking on round one in the writing test with ease.

“I kept it together. I took deep breaths like Doctor Bailey told me to and I paid attention to the roots and I think I, I did my best I did my best," Christian said.

But at the end of the day one word got him. Alex is optimistic and hopes this isn’t his last year at the big bee.

“This year is just our fun year just trying to figure out what is happening and if I come back in later years that we’ll know what to do and where to go and whatever.”

This year the competition was even tougher with a record number of 519 students participating. But only one will be named the champion in just two days.

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