Wyoming Republicans fighting to the end for gubernatorial primary advantage

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CHEYENNE, WY (Gray DC) - The first big push for the Governor’s Mansion is in its waning hours. Gubernatorial hopefuls are putting their finishing touches on their primary campaigns

Water and natural resources litigator Harriet Hageman is proud of the grassroots nature of her campaign.

“I made I don’t even know how many phone calls yesterday,” said Hageman.

She says it’s setting her up for a big win Tuesday after polls close in the gubernatorial primary.

“We’ve worked non stop from the beginning to make sure we are talking to the citizens of Wyoming,” said Hageman.

She says in these last hours she is focused on wrangling Cowboy State voters by highlighting policies close to their hearts, like solving a massive budget deficit, combatting federal overreach, and protecting the guns of Wyomingties.

“It kind of gives you an idea of who you are. It gives people an idea of what some of our foundational philosophies are,” said Hageman.

Hageman says this race has a general election feel considering how far to the right the state leans. She thinks she has a smooth path to the governor’s mansion if she can get past businessmen Foster Friess and Sam Galeotos, and State Treasurer Mark Gordon.

“The people of Wyoming are anxious to see a government that’s ready to start on day one,” said Gordon.

He says his state government experience has him ahead of the pack. Gordon says he knows how to confront challenges in the Capitol Building like the deficit and trying to grow the economy. He says he is ready to do it from the executive chair.

“We want to have experience in the office and you know that’s something I bring uniquely,” said Gordon.

The Democrats have some competition on their side of the race, but tell us they are happy to see more division among Republicans. Dean Ferguson, executive director of the Wyoming Democratic Party says while GOP candidates run negative campaigns against each other, Democrat Mary Throne is putting together a positive vision for Wyoming.

“Republicans have spent this whole primary telling us why their candidates are poor candidates to be governor, and we believe them,” said Ferguson.

Polls open in Wyoming at 7 AM local time Tuesday. They close at PM.