Rep. Williams and GOP "fight back" at this year's Congressional Baseball Game

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Texas lawmakers are back on the diamond for the annual Congressional Baseball Game. A favorite event for lawmakers has a new tone. Since a man opened fire on a Republican practice before last year’s game, GOP manager Roger Williams (R-TX) says it's important to play now more than ever.

Rep. Roger Williams manages the GOP team.

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) in fitting fashion, made the first play Thursday night. Scalise was shot during the practice a year ago. Williams, also there during the shooting says continuing to lace up the spikes shows resilience.

“Sometimes you can hit us in the gut. But we fight back,” said Wiliams.

Williams had hoped the sobering events would inspire unity among Democrats and Republicans.

“ Everybody did talk, ‘maybe this is something that will bring people together.’ It did for maybe 24 hours, that’s just the real world,” said Williams.

Williams played minor league baseball, but he no longer steps up to the plate.

He leads the team of 36 Republicans, as he did for Texas Christian University years ago. His prime focus now is on Capitol Hill, where he’s focused on debates over immigration and a massive agriculture package.

“Those of us that play on the Republican team and our friends that play on the Democratic team...we have a baseball bond and we’re pretty close actually,” said Williams.

This game isn’t just about bipartisan competition. All proceeds from tonight’s game go to charities in the D.C. area, including Boys and Girls Clubs and the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund.

The final score for tonight, Democrats 21-5. That is the seventh win of the last eight for the Democratic team.