Rep. Noem says she will maintain federal priorities in Pierre

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) is soon to become Governor Kristi Noem. Noem leaves Capitol Hill as Democrats prepare to take over in the majority. Her successor, Rep-elect Dusty Johnson (R-SD), will have to navigate his new post in the minority.

“He really cares about serving people and he’s a hard worker so he’ll do a great job representing the state,” said Noem.

As Noem assumes the role of the state’s top official she says she is going to maintain her list of priorities, like agriculture production and infrastructure.

“I still have relationships here that will be very helpful in negotiating federal policy. Also within the administration and departments and agencies that I can call,” said Noem.

She says she has no future plans to return to Washington. Noem is focused on this new chapter, which she says is bringing South Dakota to the next level of success.

“To help the people that live there to earn higher wages and have more opportunities. To keep our kids in South Dakota really pursuing their dreams and not feeling like they need to leave our state to do that,” said Noem.

Congresswoman Noem will be sworn in as governor on January 5th.